Weight Loss & Nutrition

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Weight Loss & Nutrition

IV Nutritional Therapy

IV nutritional therapies can be more effective than taking supplements orally. An IV can get nutrients right to the cells for immediate absorption and effectiveness. Completely safe and incredibly easy, IV therapy can bypass issues like nutrients not being absorbed properly. Learn More

Corrective Exercise

Corrective Exercise Training is a customized program that will stabilize and strengthen the muscles in your body that are imbalanced. Learn more

Sports Therapy


2 – 3 Minutes in the Elite cryotherapy chamber causes rapid blood flow resulting in decreased muscle soreness, fatigue and inflammation and increased energy, immunity, circulation and collagen production. Learn More

Functional Health Coach

During your first appointment, we will discuss your goals and any questions you may have about health, wellness and nutrition. Together, we will discover how to balance your body for optimal wellness. Learn more

Infrared Sauna

The deep penetrating heat and detox of Far Infrared Sauna can help increase recovery and reduce pain by increasing blood flow and oxygen to your muscles and organ tissue. Learn more

Living Elite Cuisine

Living Elite Cuisine

Living Elite Cuisine (LEC) prepares lunch or dinner fresh daily and delivers the meals directly to your home or business. This service is exclusively available to Elite clientele. Learn more about Living Elite Cuisine

Meal Planning

The meal planning service at Elite provides clients with customized recipes to fit their dietary preferences, lifestyle and specific goals toward taking control of their own health. Learn more

Metabolic Analytics

Metabolic Analytics is used to measure inflammation at 14 specific sites of the body to help determine the starting point for your wellness program. Learn more

Lab Testing

Elite Wellness utilizes a lab testing program that will analyze your unique biochemistry and identify simple & natural steps for optimal living. Learn more