Myofasical Facial

Between the skin and muscle is a layer of connective tissue called “fascia”. Fascia has been called “the essence of life.” The fascia is where collagen is found. Skin aging and consequent wrinkling is linked to the deprivation of oxygen and nutrients to fascia. When this deprivation occurs, this results in a wrinkle in the fascia layer, and therefore, in the overlying skin.

The myofascial facial method is based on the manual therapy techniques of “myofascial release” which were developed to aid physical therapy rehabilitation in medical clinical environments. While conducting intracellular-level studies concerning the effects of therapeutic treatment to muscle fiber, they discovered that the application of the same basic treatment procedures tightens the muscles in the face, and re-oxygenates the tissues in the skin and underlying muscle layer.

What we have learned is that the skin, fascia and muscle as a unit must be compliant in order to be free of wrinkles. The myofascial facial technique is an amazing way to experience a more youthful appearance naturally!

Tamara Nicklas


Tamara Nicklas

Hi, I am Tammy, the Elite Personalized Bodywork Specialist. I utilize my training in Myofascial Release, Craniosacral Therapy, Zen Shiatsu Massage and Reiki energy work to create a customized plan for your body to help relieve pain, facilitate healing and bring balance to your body, mind and spirit. Learn more about Tamara