The loss of structural integrity makes us inflexible, inefficient and subject to chronic pain in areas that have lost optimal functionality as a result of internal pressures and restrictions. Any misalignments in our bodies are exposed by gravitational forces and require more muscle effort. This creates compression, compensation, and ultimately musculature imbalance. Rolfing, or structural integration is simply the process by which the sections of the human body: head, neck, shoulders, rib cage, pelvis, knees, ankles and feet, are restored to their optimal alignment. The practitioner will determine where a patient has lost joint mobility, has muscle weakness or joint stability problems, lost range of motion, and created muscle imbalance. Once determined, the therapist can effectively create a treatment protocol to address the soft issue structures effecting any misalignments and release any scar tissue adhesions. The work is then reinforced and stabilized with proper biomechanical movement therapy and functional rehabilitation.

Rolfing therapy is structured around the idea that the whole body adjusts or compensates for misalignment, injuries, uneven use, and an asymmetrical activity, which is crucial to understanding how permanent change is possible. Body misalignment in gravity often results in chronic strain and pain, lowered vitality and impaired biological and psychological functioning. Rolfing puts the body in better balance, which in turn requires less energy to move against gravity, and movement becomes easier and more efficient. People who have been Rolfed sit, stand, run, jump, push and pull with a greater sense of balance, stability, and efficiency.

Paul Matthews

Elite Rolfing Practitioner

Paul Matthews

Hi, I’m Paul Matthews, co-founder of Elite. My passion is to help people recover from injury, pain or movement dysfunction through my work as a soft tissue and rehabilitation specialist. I’ve had extensive experience in rehab and therapy recovering from two spine surgeries over the course of a 15 year span of chronic pain. Overcoming the adversity and challenges that arose though ultimately lead and inspired me to help others move, live and feel better through the intervention of highly technical soft tissue manipulation, combined with cutting edge movement based assessments and strengthening protocols. Learn more about Paul